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Muscle and Luxury – Combo Truck


Massive engines, shiny grills, huge tires, yes, we are talking about the trucks that made a special place in everyone’s heart from past decades. The gmc trucks are a sign of muscularity which can obviously be seen by the appearance of one on the road. Merely by the roar of its engine, it can turn heads. The very sound of even it’s stock exhaust substantially raises heartbeats when it passes by.

 Initially built for the US army, these trucks were weighing over 2 tons and considered rugged for military operations. GMC a subsidiary of the mother company General Motors was said to be founded during 1909. For over a century, they were into the business of developing military, commercial, and sports utility vehicles for an array of customer needs. Currently, they have stopped producing military vehicles, buses, heavy-duty trucks, and medium-duty trucks. The most popular category of gmc trucks production line is their light-duty trucks or the SUVs. During late90s GMC was merged with the Pontiac, known for its luxury cars, in order to diversify their business and give the dealers additional leverage to sell commercial trucks and luxury cars under one roof. Started off in Pontiac, Michigan; after a century, GMC now sells its vehicles in over 35 countries.

Chevrolet is considered to be a significant rival of this giant, which also manufactures muscular trucks. Chevy and GMC share the same platform since 1920 for building these trucks. Both of these biggies have produced, what you can say, replicas for years. The major difference was, of course, the engine and the grills and nameplates. However, over the years, both of them focused on separate lines of customers. Chevy focused on domestic or personal buyers, gmc trucks, on the other hand, marketed their vehicles to the commercial owners and companies. Though GMC and Chevrolet are almost identical in lower-end vehicles, GMC stands out in the market with the premium offering in their Denali series.

A variety of vehicles are marketed by GMC currently which includes SUVs like Terrain, Acadia, Yukon; trucks like Canyon, Sierra; vans like Savana and a commercial vehicle  Savana Cutaway. Every lineup is made for a particular purpose. SUVs are there for enthusiasts who want to cut the boundaries and go off-roading or camping. Light Pickup Trucks are designed with keeping both personal and commercial requirements in mind; while, cans, and commercial vehicles are for businesses. The gmc trucks also have an elite fleet of vehicles under their hood which is known as the Denali series. All of the above-mentioned vehicles are equipped with high-end luxury. Thus whether you are a business owner or a traveler or even a mediocre employee, there is a vehicle designed by these geniuses waiting for you in their showroom


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