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Five safety tips that you have to follow before you drive an electric scooter


Electric scooters are very popular nowadays that it led you here, in this post, reading it right now. Chances are, you might even own one. As you see, there is a growing number of people especially young professionals, working adults, and teenagers are enjoying electric scooters for a couple of years already as their source of transportation, and at the same time leisure.

As you are very certain that riding it is extremely fun and convenient, electric scooters, just like other types of transportation vehicles, although it may look like the average scooter that you used to ride as a kid, it also poses a lot of threat to its users, especially those who are very reckless.

To give you a stern warning for yourself, and some precautionary measures, you should read the rest of the article about the safety tips that you have to follow when you use an electric scooter courtesy of the makers of the best electric scooter for commuting.

  • Always wear the standard safety gear- There are some accidents that cannot be averted when it already happened, even in the event that you have taken every precaution of it. That is precisely why it is very important or rather vital for you to wear your personal protective equipment just to make sure that you are well when the worst case scenario happens. If it comes to your scooter safety and your private well-being, there is no such thing as a paranoid way of protecting yourself from an accident. Helmet, mouth guard, gloves, knee, and elbow pads are the essential safety gear that you have to wear when you ride an electric scooter.
  • Check the tires before using- Always make an assessment on the scooter’s tires before you use it. Just a quick peek and press of the tire prior to your ride can assure you that you can arrive at your destination without the hassle of dealing with flat tires. Inspecting your tires should always include checking the exterior part of it to see if there are any punctures, and the pressure of both the front and rear tires if it has enough air inside to determine if it is needed to be pumped with air or it needs to be replaced.
  • Focus when you drive- Electric scooters are relatively fast, it can run thirty to forty kilometers per hour, and there are variants out there that are faster that is why, when you drive your electric scooter, you should concentrate on your surroundings to make sure that you will not hit someone, hit something, and always be on the right path. Just like driving your car, you should follow traffic rules, respect the pedestrian lanes, sidewalks, and any oncoming traffic, most especially the barriers that you might hit.
  • Look out for barriers- You should be vigilant when you drive your electric scooter because there may be barriers, potholes, uneven road pavements, bumps, and crevices along the way which can cause you to crash especially when you are driving fast. Just like what is mentioned above, you should maintain your focus on driving, and slow down if necessary.
  • Don’t go too fast- A lot of people are carried away by their excitement because they find out driving electric scooters are fun, until they met an accident that is why you should drive slowly and focus your attention on your path just to make sure you will not harm yourself and the people that you will be passing by.


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