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Lawn mower hacks


Lawnmowers excel at cutting grass, but with creativity and additional attachments, these yard workhorses tackle many other handy jobs around your property. With the blade installed, your mower transforms into a versatile multi-tasking tool. Come fall, swap your mower’s cutting blade for a mulching blade with curved ends to pulverize leaves into tiny bits. Adjust cutting height high and mow over fallen leaves to shred them into a natural mulch that composts directly into your lawn. A lawn mower paired with a snow plow attachment mounted to the front easily removes light snowfall from sidewalks and driveways. Much less strenuous than shoveling.

Just take precautions not to overload the mower and avoid paved areas to prevent damage.

Dethatching the lawn

Thatch buildup chokes grass and causes disease. A mower dethatcher attachment consisting of tines or blades scratches up debris accumulated at the base of grass plants so it decomposes and nourishes soil. Dethatching once per year promotes healthy turf. Attach a wire brush where the mower blade goes to gently sweep and groom garden beds and landscaping areas full of leaves, stems, and debris. Set the ferris lawn mowers on the highest setting and drive slowly over beds to whisk away unwanted matter without damaging plants.

Hauling things around

The mower’s sturdy frame allows for pulling small carts, wagons, or trailers when equipped with a rear hitch. Load up hauled goods like gardening tools, bags of fertilizer or soil, potted plants, waste bags, and other items to conveniently transport around the yard. A leaf blower chute fastened in place of the mower deck powerfully blows grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, and other debris off patios, walkways, and driveways. Much speedier cleanup than sweeping or raking. Use judiciously to avoid blowing debris into unwanted places. A grinder attachment transforms your mower into a sharpening station for blades, tools, and knives. Secure blades or items at the proper angle against the spinning grinding wheel to restore super-sharp edges. Keep blades razor-sharp for optimal grass cutting.

Clearing light snow

While no match for huge snowfall, a mower with a mounted rotary brush or snow blade effectively clears a couple of inches of powder from walks and the driveway. Adjust deck height fully up and take it slow across any hard surfaces to avoid gouging. Attach a tow-behind tiller and put your mower’s engine power to work churning and turning over garden soil. Removes weeds and brings nutrients to the surface. Make several passes across beds to churn soil to the desired depth for planting.

Tow-behind wood chipper/shredder attachments pulverize small branches, vines, stalks, and shrub trimmings fed into the hopper for composting. Much quicker than cutting up yard waste by hand before disposal. Wear eye and ear protection when shredding. By incorporating imaginative add-ons and adjustments, a conventional lawn mower morphs into a versatile yard instrument primed to take on tasks that go beyond mere grass cutting. Expand your machine’s usefulness and justify the investment by completing seasonal jobs in less time with your mower’s help.


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