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How Dealers Determine What To Offer For Your Car


Did you know that you will receive financial compensation from scrap car dealers upon deregistering and scrapping your car? For car owners whose certificate of entitlement is expiring, this is a reward that you can look forward to receiving. Yet, for many car owners, they are unclear how the value that they receive is determined.

In this article, we will be looking at the variables that will determine the compensation that you will receive from car dealers. Do note that this sum is exclusive from any COE or PARF rebates that you might receive from the government as well. Instead, the sum offered to you by scrap car dealers serve solely as a purchase action for your car body. 

The Condition of your Car

A dealership will evaluate your vehicle’s condition based on how many years it has actually been in utilized as well as the amount of damage it has suffered. Like any type of property, a car’s valuation is diminished in time to represent its decrease in price. As such, typically the longer an automobile has actually been on the road, the lesser its valuation will be.

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Any routine maintenance or repair work that have been performed on your vehicle will likely offer it a better assessed price since its condition would be better. Nonetheless, this is not to say that you ought to send it for maintenance right before you deregister your vehicle. Depending on the charges involved, in doing so you might end up with lesser margins.

Demand & Supply from the Market

The market’s supply and demand for your car version will impact its rate. You will likely be extended a greater price if you are lucky to be in a year whereby the need for your automobile design exceeds the supply. Conversely, if supply outstrips demand, you will find reasonably lower offers from the marketplace.

Examining the demand and supply trends on the market might give you an idea of the best time to deregister your automobile. Whereupon, you would certainly find a reasonably ideal price for your car design.

The Dealer Complies These Factors

At the end of the day, it is the authorised car scrap agent who will make you an offer based upon his or her evaluation of the aforementioned variables. As such, the price offered for your car might differ from dealership to dealership. Nevertheless, price is not the exclusive consideration when choosing a scrap car representative. Other factors that should be considered consist of:

– Track record and customers reviews

– Inconvenience free experience

– Openness of processes

– Lack of any unfavourable conditions or exclusions

– Proximity to your residence


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