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Car’s Air Conditioning System


When you buy a car air conditioning system from Car Smart, you should use for years to come. If you take proper care of your air conditioning system, then it will take care of you.

A good air conditioning system is crucial for a conducive environment in the car particularly during the hot days of summer and the coldest days of the winter.

The following tips should help your air conditioning system to run smoothly:

Run Your Air Conditioning System Regularly

Using your air conditioning system is the best way to keep it active. You should run your air conditioning system for at least ten minutes every week even during the worst weather.

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You should turn it to the highest fan with the coldest settings. It will help maintain gas pressure and keep the compressor working in your air conditioning system.

Running your air conditioning defrost setting is also vital to preventing mildew, excess moisture and unwanted odors from your air conditioning system.

Service it Regularly

You need to service your car’s air conditioning system every year or couple of years at least regardless of how often you use it. A qualified professional needs to conduct the service so make sure they are competent.

A service will conduct a very thorough check of your car’s air conditioning system. All the little niggles will be fixed and every damaged part replaced.

Remove Debris

Your air conditioning works by directing the cool air from outside the car to the interior of the car. The exterior gills under the windshield is where the air enters the car.

If there is any debris on the gills, it will affect the quality of air passing through the air conditioning system. Therefore, you should clear away all debris from the gills every time you clean your car.

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The debris can clog the entire air conditioning system if large enough. Sticks, leaves and small stones are all debris that can affect your air conditioning system.

You should also open your engine and check the condenser. A hose is the best tool to remove any clog in your air conditioning system.

Clean the Air Filters

Your car’s air conditioning system uses air filters to clean the air it directs into the car. The air filter is usually located behind the glove box.

 It is very easy to clean the air filters in your car since the glove box easily comes off. You can then remove the air filter’s case and clean it.

You should remove it completely and shake out all the dirt and debris into a trash can. You can then clean it using water.

Before you put it back you should ensure that it is completely dry. You may also decide to upgrade your air filter or entirely replace it.

Recharge your Air Conditioning System

You should recharge your air conditioning system regularly. Every year or every two years should do fine.

You should change the gas or lubricant the air conditioning uses to cool the air passing through it.


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