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Ford Ranger


Ford engineers worked on the new version of one of their best-selling Vans, the ford ranger. This time they have launched a particular version intended for more intensive off-road use. It is an optional package called Tremor that is aimed at the most adventurous customers. It is the most suitable version for off-road use, above the FX4 Off-Road Package, which is offered for the House’s ‘small’ pickup. 

In this case, the Tremor is also an optional package, which will be available for Rangers with XLT and Lariat finishes in SuperCrew 4×4 cabin configuration. The US market price amounts to 4,290 dollars, which is equivalent to just over 3,600 euros. 

The Ford ranger Tremor 2021 includes a kit that increases body height, New suspension components, and Continental General Grabber a/TX off-road tires mounted on 17-inch alloy wheels. All this achieves a free ground clearance of 24.6 centimeters, which is 2 centimeters more than in the standard model. 

The Ford Ranger Tremor does not incorporate significant aesthetic changes. It differs only by small details such as a modified front grille, two tow hooks for the rear, and specific graphics in red and black tones. The pickup also features bass protection plates and distinctive 17-inch wheels that are inspired by the Ranger Raptor. 

These are wrapped in robust tires designed for off-road driving, specifically, 32-inch Continental General Grabber a/TX, which increases the ground clearance to 24.6 centimeters, that is, 2 cm more than in the standard Ranger SuperCrew 4×4. To compensate for this higher height, the Oval brand has introduced stirrups with a novel design that helps access the cabin. 

The front suspension also has a more extended trip, for a total of 16.5 centimeters, while the rear reaches 20.6 centimeters. Besides, the angles of attack, ventral, and exit are also better, although the brand has not given figures. 

Improvements include Fox 2.0 monotube dampers, springs with a specific tuning or bass protections, plus an electronically controlled rear self-locking differential, two towing rings, also on the lag, and some changes to the level of electronic traction management, to improve motor skills. 

The off-road skills of the American pickup have been further improved thanks to a Fox 2.0 monotube damper, specially adjusted for the occasion. Thanks to its presence, the front axle’s suspension travel increases to 16.5 centimeters by 20.5 cm of the rear axle. There are also hydraulic stops, optimized front springs, and rear crossbows that allow more significant wheel travel, not to mention stabilizing bars that have decreased their rigidity to improve the Ranger’s comfort in terrain away from the asphalt.

The Ford ranger Tremor also mounts an additional control on the dashboard, with six buttons, to adjust accessories such as the front winch, extra lights, or air compressors. In principle, the production of this model is planned for early 2021. 

The only available option is the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline EcoBoost engine with 274 hp and 420 Nm, combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission with torque converter, as well as four-wheel drive. 

Concerning the interior, the pickup is distinguished by its specific seats, white stitching, and a series of black details, not to mention the button case located at the top of the dashboard with six switches. These are designed to control the power of the half-dozen accessories that can be coupled to the Ranger Tremor, such as winches, auxiliary lights, and air compressors.


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