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Turning the calendar into March means the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Now that spring has finally arrived (at the time of this writing), people are thinking about getting out of the house and going to do things. Plenty of people are thinking about camping, which is why springtime is when you see all the RV shows.

It’s time to roll out the 2022 RV shows across the country. Over the next month-and-a-half, expect to see plenty of shows set up at convention centers, malls, county fairgrounds, and the like. RV dealers and makers of all sorts of camping accessories will be out in full force, trying to maximize sales in a very short window of time. If you plan to attend a few shows yourself, be prepared for an onslaught of eager sales reps.

RVs of Every Type

This year’s inventory of new RVs may be somewhat limited due to the ongoing computer chip shortage, but you’ll still see RVs of every type on display. From Class A motorhomes and fifth wheels to travel trailers and pop-ups, expect to see it all.

Depending on where you live, you might also see a larger number of used RVs for sale. The used market is hot right now as people looking to get out of the RV lifestyle are taking advantage of skyrocketing prices. Just like car dealers looking for used vehicles, RV dealers are actively looking to buy used motorhomes and trailers in order to boost their inventories.

The Newest Accessories

Walking through display units is a big part of the fun of visiting RV shows. But taking a look at all the newest accessories can be equally entertaining. Just browsing the different booths and tables can reveal some pretty innovative things ready to blow your mind with their ingenuity.

Inflatable RV skirting from AirSkirts is a good example. You might not see this product at your local RV show, but it is more than worthy of an RVer’s attention. AirSkirts takes the simple skirting principle to the next level with an inflatable product that is easy to use and doesn’t require any tools or permanent installation.

The Latest Technologies

Modern RVing would not be what it is without technology. Plan on seeing some pretty interesting offerings at this year’s RV shows. For example, you are bound to see a whole slew of new TVs and entertainment systems almost as good as what you have at home.

Internet technology should be on full display this year, too. Everything from cellular and satellite internet to gadgets designed to boost public campground wi-fi signals will be up for sale. And if you are in the market for a luxury Class A motorhome, expect to see a wide range of new technologies designed to make your camping experience more comfortable than ever before.

Higher Prices on Everything

You are likely to be amazed at everything you see during the 2022 RV show season. You will probably have the time of your life walking through display models and dreaming of life on the road. But be warned, prices have gone through the roof. Everything in the RV industry is more expensive, and decidedly so. To say you should be prepared for sticker shock is an understatement.

Spring has arrived. Now that it is here, the annual RV shows will be opening their doors across the country. Now is the time to see all the latest the RV industry has to offer. If you are so inclined, this may be the year you finally buy your first RV.


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