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without voiding your warranty


Shopping for used car parts can make a big difference in your budget, but only if you get the right ones. Getting bad parts can not only cost you a lot of money, but it can also permanently damage your vehicle.

How can you find the right kinds of used parts without getting a raw deal? Consider these strategies the next time you’re looking for help with car repair.

Make Sure You Know the Part Number

The first step to getting the right part number, so you know what you’re ordering. Never assume! You might think that you know what you need, but there are nuances.

When you don’t look up the part number and write it down accurately, you can order something similar that will not work at all on your vehicle. This can cost you hundreds of dollars and weeks of time.

Part numbers are specific to engines and transmissions, even basic parts like alternators. Call the dealership to confirm the number if you have any questions.

Do Your Research

To avoid being taken advantage of, you want to research several different sales outlets. If you’re looking for Fiat parts, you might want to visit this page. You can also look at eBay or other commonly used websites, as well as junkyards in your area.

As you compare prices, make sure you add shipping costs as well. Pay attention to how long it will take to ship because that might factor into your decision as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

If you’re buying in person at a junkyard or online, you might be able to negotiate. However, don’t be unreasonable. You can’t expect an engine with 20,000 miles to cost the same as one with 100,000 miles.

Don’t jerk people around or lie about your research. Other folks have the same research avenues available and can find out if you’re telling the truth. If you don’t want to be screwed over, don’t try to pull one over on someone else either.

Look for Auto Parts Coupons

When you search for used car parts near me, you might find that the top results are retail auto part shops. That isn’t necessarily a bad option. With good coupons, you can get a good deal on used car parts for sale.

Remember that you can use other brands of parts without voiding your warranty. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, ask for it in writing. You won’t receive it.

You can often find coupons for cash off a minimum purchase. If your part doesn’t hit the limit, grab some other gear you know you’ll use.

Ask Friends and Enthusiasts

If you can’t find what you’re looking for using traditional means, it’s time to get creative in your used car parts search. Take advantage of the friends and fellow enthusiasts you know and ask if they’ve seen the part anywhere.

They may have suppliers or junkyards local to them that they can use to source the part. You can get help and maybe send your friend a little cash for their efforts.

Get Used Car Parts for a Great Price

With a little effort, you can buy used car parts without getting screwed over. It just takes the right part number, a little research, and some negotiating. If that doesn’t work, consider finding coupons or asking those you know. And for delivery and shipping, find something suitable on Shiply that’s also affordable.

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