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Car ramps metal vs plastic


If you own a car or just a car enthusiast, you know the importance of having car ramps to lift the car above the ground. This little thing helps you work uninterrupted under the car. There is no doubt that it is mandatory if you like to do little maintenance repairs on your own.

A good quality car ramp is a must-have because it affects your safety. Most car owners get puzzled over the material of car ramps. Out of the many materials out there, plastic and metal are quite popular.

Though both are durable materials, knowing the pros and cons will help you to make an informed decision.

Metal car ramps


Metal car ramps are made with carbon steel, aluminium, or alloy, which is sturdy and lightweight. Due to the metals used here, the ramp is strong enough to hold the car’s weight. Also, they are safe to use.

Another great thing about metal car ramps is that they are inexpensive. This is due to the fact that the material is abundantly found and easy to manufacture. The design of the metal ramps can stop the car from slipping or rolling off while you are working.


The primary disadvantage is that they tend to corrode over time. They are not suitable for harsh weather conditions like rain or sunlight. To counteract this, they get coated with a powder to prevent the exposure of moisture. Again, this powder coating gradually starts to wear off, which lets the metal get exposed to moisture and corrode.

Aluminium is a good metal alternative if you want corrosion resistance. But good quality comes at a high price. For this metal, you might need to pay more for a high-quality metal ramp.

Plastic car ramps


The latest trending gadgets for cars is the plastic car ramps. They are a long-lasting alternative to the metal ramps that come with a load of features. It has a non-slip texture which makes sure that the car does not slip off the ramp.

Plastic ramps have moulded edges that are raised to keep you driving off the ramp. They come with removable sections which help you have access to every side of the car.


They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different vehicles like normal cars to big pickup trucks.


Extreme weather conditions cannot cause corrosion in plastic ramps but can fade the colour. But if they are for inside use like in the garage, then this is not an issue. Another disadvantage is the price. Plastic car ramps tend to be more expensive than the metal type. The reason for the cost is that the material used to make the ramp is costly.

Final Verdict

The difference in the material causes differences in these car ramps. Both metal and plastic have their pros and cons. But in the end, it’s all about what you need and prefer. So research for the one that has features that you need to give you a helping hand.


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