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Advantages of installing an automatic car park barrier system


High Quality: Parking barriers that are currently available are well-built as most of them are built with an aluminium arm double bearing. They have rubber profiles with steel housing and a mechanical lock which is treated against corroding. They also come with various features such as LED lights in the barrier arm, folding functionality for the barrier arm and automatic opening in case of a power failure and so on.


Cuts down Cost: There are plenty of advantages of automatic car park barriers. However, few of them are attractive to car park operators and business owners despite the fact that they would reduce operating cost and increase efficiency and speed. This is often reflected in customer satisfaction levels. Depending on the requirement, Car Park Barriers can be customised and made to measure. Installing a car park barrier system can reduce the monthly operating expenses for business owners as automating would cut down the need of hiring staff. Once an automated car park barrier is installed, the business owner can hire a more qualified team for the management and optimisation of the process.

 Increase in Profitability: The car park barriers can increase the profitability factor by vastly improving the flow of traffic on both ends of the car park (entry and exit points). However, the entry barriers should fit the width as well as the height of the entry channel. For example, in a multi-storey car park, the lower roof would mean that the barrier is wide enough to accommodate the width but may be too long for full vertical ascending. In such cases, a hinged or folding arm would prove to be useful.   

Implements Security: Exit barriers can be much similar to that of entry barriers but in most cases, payment integrations are included. Certain countries reinforce exit barriers so that no one can leave the place without paying. There may also be security cameras and implementation of other safety technology such as LED lighting to prevent accidents due to driver distraction or poor visibility.

Reduces Waiting Time in Queues: A faster entry can reduce the build-up of traffic on the road that leads to the car park. It would allow more available spaces to get occupied faster. Faster exit would ensure a consistent rotation of space usage which can be important for revenue generation. Additional features, if added to the automatic car park barriers can improve the capabilities like knowledge on available space visibility and so on. Once such technologies are implemented, car parking can be made easier with less waiting time for parking of vehicles. 

Investing in good technology for Parking Barriers such as the automatic car park barriers can be a positive as well as long-term investment. It will not only benefit the neighbourhood but would have a positive effect on the overall business income. Moreover, implementing modern technology in car park barriers can ensure that no one leaves the car park without paying. Whether it’s the automatic car park barrier or the manual one, maintenance of the parking barriers should also be paid attention to so that the technology lasts longer and it works efficiently without any malfunctions.


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