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6 Tricks That Can Make Your Car Last Longer


As odd as it may seem, not every person who is enthusiastic about getting behind the wheel gives much thought to keeping their machine in good condition.

If you are diligent and you adhere to some simple rules, you can avoid any damage that comes your way and make your vehicle serve you longer.

Today we are going to share some simple tips with you which can help you maintain your car and keep it in good shape:

Don’t Let Your Car Reach Extremely High Or Low Tyre Pressures

We see very often when a person behind the wheel, is driving poorly or does not check the tire pressure, the tyres get under-inflated. This makes the car consume more fuel and also damage the drivability of the vehicle. For instance, a car that is not properly inflated may cause skidding or can even lead to an accident.

  • Keep your tyres properly inflated
  • Rotate them after six months or one year
  • If you live at a place that experiences different seasons, change your tire in every season

Avoid Abrupt Braking And Sharp Acceleration

Whether you are accelerating the car too sharply or putting your foot on brake pedals with extra force, doing any of these things can be harmful to your car. They make the parts of the car suffer in different ways. For instance:

  • The brake pads and brake discs wear out prematurely
  • The stopping distance increases
  • The gearbox and engines deteriorate
  • And if things go worse, you are more likely to meet an accident

Park The Car Properly

Many people find it difficult to park the car, especially those who have just started driving. Many don’t stop the car completely and shift gears from drive to reverse quickly. This is a very dangerous habit. As it causes severe damage to the gearbox, it can lead to hefty repairs.

So, whenever you are parking the car, be patient. Stop the vehicle completely and then go from accelerate-mode to reverse-mode or vice versa.

Avoid Overloading

Whether it is in the form of passengers or cargo, heavy loads are damaging for your vehicle’s components such as suspensions, transmission, steering, tyres and the engine.  Moreover, if you habitually overload your car, it will negatively affect your vehicle’s performance on the road and make it less controllable which can lead to accidents.

To avoid excessively loading your car, read the maximum loading capacity mentioned in the user’s manual and follow. We also suggest you throw every redundant material out of your car and only carry things that are necessary for you.

Don’t Overload The Clutch

Harming your car’s body and performance, overloading the clutch is very common among new drivers. Don’t put too much pressure on the clutch while you are waiting in the traffic lights. If you overload them, they will wear out prematurely. Clutch, like every other part of your car, needs some rest.

Don’t Ignore Symbols On Your Car’s Dashboard

Among the most common reasons why cars see break down is poor maintenance. If you want to see your car in good condition for a long time, never delay car maintenance. Make proper timelines and get things done in an organised way.  Mostly, machines require an oil check after 620 miles and a change of air filter after 250 miles or less

Renowned brands like Honda Automobiles are now producing cars which have advanced dashboard features. These features indicate the driver if there is anything wrong. Whether the engine is overheated, the fluids are not enough or there is a problem with the battery, you will receive a warning. And, when you do so, don’t hesitate from reaching an automobile mechanic as he can fix it up quickly and avoid a major breakdown.

Don’t underestimate the importance of car maintenance. Have an annual inspection of your car’s detailed and major issues. While for the minor ones, get it checked weekly or monthly. Tire pressure, engine oil, etc should be checked regularly to ensure that your journey is safe.


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