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Bent Car Frame


There’s nothing more disheartening than getting into your car only to realize that something feels off. You can usually tell by sounds and sensations if you’ve got a problem with your tires or engine, but what about your car’s frame? If your car displays one of these four signs, you likely have a bent frame.

1. Car Pulls to One Side

If you notice that your car pulls to one side, but you don’t have a flat tire, you may have a bent frame. This is a common occurrence after an accident, and you’ll need to get frame straightening Lakewood CO. Driving with a bad frame is hazardous and can cause more damage to the car.

2. Strange Noises

A crooked frame is traumatic to a vehicle and may create some strange car noises. If you notice squeaking or creaking that wasn’t there before, your frame could be the culprit. Remember that although noises may seem harmless at the time, they’re indicative of problems that could become worse.

3. Tire Wear Is Uneven

There are many reasons for uneven wear on tires and a frame that’s bent is one of them. If your frame is out of shape, the weight of the car will transfer to one side of the vehicle stressing your suspension. This leads to uneven tire wear and isn’t safe.

4. Visual Confirmation

Many times, after a car has been in a crash, it’s painfully obvious that the frame is bent. This presents itself as cracks on the exterior of the car or bent parts underneath. Finding a professional to straighten it will save you from additional problems.

If your car was in an accident and it drives to one side or doesn’t sound right, get it checked immediately. If you have a bent frame, repairing it now will save you headaches later.


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